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Try hard to be a good

while itself always want both, after both or married so many problems that occur. whether it be from work, family or social environment. it is actually God created us with happiness and problems that we deem severe, even though the problem was not as heavy as what we think about. whatever happens life goes on as long as the breath is still there. must strive to follow the destiny that has been set by God and only prayer that can change that.

salt can treat wounds due to splashing hot cooking oil

Design canva by emma Most peoples fear when exposed to splashing hot cooking oil. For example when frying chicken, fish, shellfish and others. For splashes of hot frying oil that the body can cause irritation to the skin that feels hot burning and stinging. In our society, when things like this happen it will soon affix toothpaste, margarine, soy sauce or soaked with cold water. This will cause the skin to blister and scar. There are traditional ways that we can do with cheap price and there was always in the kitchen of our house that is with salt. Saltiness if too much use can cause hypertension are compounds containing sodium as an effective detoxification of our body. This can prevent infection of the skin. The way to sprinkle salt on the wound as soon as possible splashes of hot oil. Hopefully ill be lost and without a trace in a short time. How info about salt can heal wounds? Hopefully my experience will be useful to you good luck and see you

man having an equality with women

Man having an equality with women woman cry sometimes men can cry, happiness is the same. jealousy, affection, to be loved and to love even shared a feeling of wanting to understand and the most important thing is have a feeling of wanting to be taken into consideration. so only the strength and physical shape that sets it just like women, men are also pleased at flattered or praised because basically the words of flattery or a sincere compliment that makes us feel loved and owned but it forms feelings at all. so basically God created us so that if you want to understand someone else then first understand ourselves. The fact is, men and women have the same feelings that will hurt if ignored by someone they love. So before doing anything you have to look inside yourself.